Keeping It Real With Adeola – Eps 235 (Boko Haram Releases 21 Chibok Girls; Chaos In Ethiopia)

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  1. My Question to all the Nigeria senators, who are defending Bukola Saraki, claiming that he wasn't the only one who falsely declared an unauthentic asset's, to the Authority, therefore, demanding his immediate vindication , does that means that government should also release all the arm robbers in the prison, just because other fellow arm robbers got away with their crimes?
    Does these also mean that if arm robbers come to the House of these senators, Rob them and Rape their wives and Daughters, and was latter arrested by the police or the DSS, would these senators tell the DSS to set the arm robbers free, based on the facts that other arm robbers has got away with their crime?
    if it is for these nonsensical argument that Mr Bukola saraki is about to be freed, for all his corruption in Nigeria, then Nigeria is finish.

  2. Is high time we should understand that External forces is the motivator factors of all Africa Countries problem. Thousands of people gone on protesting in Africa without having a single ideas about the subject matter. why the wicked once that set the protest hide behind them watching and laughing.
    The Orumo should not make the same mistake of fighting its government for unscrupulous and selfish politicians interest who has no interest of its people but only for game played.

    Government claiming land is not the first of it kind in the World………Adeola I will like refer you to FCT native(Abuja Original inhabitants in Nigeria) were FCT native has no control over his/her ancestral land and heritage but yet we are still keeping it real with the Nigeria Government despite all kind of poor government policy, implementation and handling capability to the issues….(we still want prefer a logical approach)

    To me the people should please revisit their thinking in logical way before going on street to protest. However, may the demise soul rest in peaces.

  3. Peter Obi, you have been part of the corruption, you enjoyed it and now u are exposing yourself?? why didn't you make those changes when you were Governor, Pot calling Kettle black. Political gimmick and tricks. i hope no one fall for this your trick of trying to paint yourself good. Lets see my people, he will come out for Presidency soon. Shame.

  4. Nawao How could ppl get so power drunk n maltreating fellow humans. Think it's time we declare war all over Africa. All Africans home & abroad must match out in protest against bad government esp our service men, all law enforcements Armies, Cops all forces must hold power disregard orders frm their superiors "Ogas" @ d top's command, join d masses in protest of bad governing.  Haba na soso bad news everyday but Thank God 4 d rescued 21 Chibok girls, may God b with them protect, guide n grant them all their hearts desires henceforth n forever IJN….. Amen

  5. DSS does not need any warrant because these thieves did not get any warrant to steal the Nigerian people money. Nigeria is in a terrible state of stealing. Nigerians are liars & thieves. Only 0.00001 % of Nigerians are honest, truthful or reliable. Lying & stealing is in the DNA of Nigerians that is why Nigerians allow the country to be ruled by thieves. It is going to be very difficult for us to come out of this mess we are in. It will take us more than 100 years before we will be able to stop this stealing.


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