Keeping It Real With Adeola – Eps. 85 (Policeman caught demanding bribe)

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  1. what is she doing to "give back to the communities in nigeria"? Well I think highlighting the problems is a first step in helping nigeria and she is doing a great job with that… to your govtment to help the communities not deola..she is just one individual and she is already playing her part. What are you doing for your OWN communit?y

  2. Hello Adeola, your doing a great job keep it up. so wat r u doin to giv back to the community here in nigeria? and talking about hospitals in Nigeria is another sad story itself. i know of a hospital in my hometown where the patient toilet stinks, the rooms u see cockroach flying and the patients have to use firewood to boil water for their bath. its really sad down here

  3. Thank you! The system so doesn't work. 50 years is enough to show that it's crap when it comes to us – but there are so many entrenched interests both domestic and abroad that it looks like we're stuck with it for the foreseeable future. I say – the French had it right. Bring back the guillotine!

  4. What you're doing can be likened to weekly mental surgery cos you're helping to open Nigerians' eyes, heads and minds. It's definitely not crap as you jokingly put it. Keep KIR Adeola, you're doing a great job!

    It's a greater agony bearing an untold story in u. You're just nothing but a bomb against our shameful leaders. keep it up girllllll 🙂

  6. Sgt Chris Omeleze was caught on camera SOLICITING for N25k bribe and he was dismissed from the force while Hon. Faruk Lawan was caught on camera RECEIVING $600,000 and he's still in the house" (receiving heavy pay).
    I doubt if such can happen in socialist society. I so much have reservations for democracy and a capitalist economy in Africa, does it really suit us?. I think we need to wake up from the euphoric slumber and deception of democracy being the best form of government.


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