KIRWA Ep: 201 (#Ekitigate Drama, Boko Haram Trying To Embarrass Me – Buhari)

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  1. To Nigerian government human life is as valuable as a dead chicken and the populous have been morally desensitized form the reality. They have been reduced to merely spectacle in a large arena known as Nigeria.

  2. Does this not tell you the little or no value the type of president you longed for and now have attaches to human life. No country can survive under this type of president. No doubt Jonathan was a sort of mediocre and presided over a corrupt administration, Nigeria seems to be heading to a time-line disaster with Buhari's mechanistic approach.

  3. adeola even u presenting.I laugh cos dis shameless nd senseless pple who call dem selves government re full of lies never will dey say truth out of dia mouth .dey re wicked heartless nd don't care about the pples welfare. dey only say wat pple like u want to hear. God will punish all dis government soon both d past nd present

  4. For you to have said Buhari is beginning to sound like GEJ is a big insult to the person of the ex president. I wonder where in the world ur deluded brains got this impression. Any day Buhari begins to sound like Jonathan then Nigeria would've gotten it right. please face the government of the day with their deception and leave GEJ alone.

  5. Dear Adeola,
    I will appreciate if you read this message and take the advice therein. As much as your program is well appreciated, it will not be appropriate to take some words sacred to a faith (religion) as a thing of mockery.
    Specifically, pleases words that are sacred in Islam or christainity or another religion should not be played with.

  6. Adi baby, you put me for high jump, which one be KIRWA – 201, you for announce am to guys before the change, I dey, dey search for the usual full sentence. Anyway Keep it real next time, because I done wanna miss the show. Peace Out

  7. Did your president Buhari came out for debate during his own time..Can't you see what is happen on your so called president that you have being supporting..#BUDGETOFCORRUPTION


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