La Liga FIXED For Real Madrid To Win & Barcelona To Fail?! | #VFN

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  1. Seriously Madrid and Barca "fans" are some of the worst shit on the internet, I'm so tired of reading and hearing about every little thing that goes against them in a match that apparently each time prevents them from winning a championship when in reality both Madrid and Barca are properbly the two clubs that are awarded the most benefits from the referees.

  2. I just subbed this channel and I was happy but then here he comes up with his comment on Barça. we don't even need your sympathy lad. poor 4rsenal fans. I guess you remember 10-2? lol.
    don't even speak about Barca.

  3. So is the Champions League 2015/16. Real Madrid avoided all of the top teams until the final when the faced Athletico, who was by the way cheated by the refs. Moreover, the matches for RM leading up to the final were reffed biased in favor of RM, even though they weren't playing against any heavy weights. To top it all off, Athletico was weakened after their semi-final due to all the tough matches they had to play with a squad with virtually no depth……Just saying.

  4. All this Uefalona shit is so stupid, people can't take that Barcelona won fairly, not surprised, look at the team we had!! we've have tons of very very poor decisions against us this season, so it should be known because it's unfair and we should not be second!! we have not once cheated you fucking morons!! Not in any of the cup final! People are just stupid or uneducated

  5. somehow there are lots of stupid bollocks who anti Real Madrid for no reason, just sucking Barca's c**k saying LaLiga are favoring Real just cause their team is so under performing this season.


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