Man United's WORST ever EPL start + Mbappe returns to the UCL! ► Daily News

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  1. We gonna ignore the fact David luiz saved a goal with his hand and kolasinac handballed it in the box and neither were penalties(not like we would’ve scored) but in the spurs vs Man City it tapped Laporte hand didn’t move and the goal didn’t count wdum

  2. If u saw ncsn then managers say to players keep on playing don’t listen to offside keep on playing and also the linesmen was told don’t put ur offside flag up unless it’s stupidly obvious which for auba it isn’t
    Pretty much keep playing act like it isn’t a offside so auba did good but the United players should not have stopped

  3. The linesman isn't supposed to put his flag up at all until the ball has gone out of play, just in case. The only time he'll flag for offside is in situations where it's 100% obvious that a player is off


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