Modric to WIN Ballon D’or, North London Derby reaction + Isco to the EPL? ► Daily Football News

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  1. so Modric just won the Ballon d'or ehh fair enough but the arguments against him are quite bs 5 goals nine assists (UH yeah he's a midfielder more of a box to box type rather than a goal scoring midfielder) i still think they kinda did messi naughty tho i mean 5th place is disgraceful however don't talk shit about modric fanboys just because your precious "gods" didn't win it doesn't mean its the end of the world i mean for sure one of them will win it next year, also you guys cannot deny modric had a brilliant season last season and its refreshing for someone other than messi or ronaldo to win so am i happy yes was it deserved however probably not going by trophies won and individual stats however the ballon do'r doesn't depend on those anymore they depend on general performance and modric generally performed the best out of all the other candidates just saying i mean back in the 2014-15 season ronaldo scored 66 goals i believe won the golden boot in la liga, in the champions league and in every other competetion he was in did he win it no messi did because barcelona as a team won the treble and he helped them greatly just as modric did last season for his teams he was constant figure and his performance level never dropped only this season have they really dropped but he's picked it up football is a team game not an individual game never forget that and once again i'll say i'm happy modric won it as its something new but i still do not think it was WELL deserved

  2. Hey, Matt in last week's Friday feels" I predicted that Man City will win against Bournemouth 3-1 and I was right also I predicted that Southampton will sack Mark Hughes and that also came true so didn't I deserve a shout out??
    Anyway in the topic of Klopp's celebration: Klopp wasn't disrespectful towards Everton or Marco Silva, he went towards Allison and jumped & hugged his goalkeeper and came straight back to his dugout but few of his stuffs were a little naughty, they were gesturing a few things towards Everton bench and later in the press conference Klopp apologized on their behalf. Matt, u have to understand the feeling, the emotions all of them were going through after scoring in the 96th minute. They clinched 3 points in place of 1, Liverpool would have been 4 points behind City if Origi didn't score that goal so 2 extra points are massive to stay right behind City hence those celebrations were understandable and justified also for me. I'm a City fan so I was loving 0-0 and the fact that Liverpool was on the verge of dropping 2 points but when Origi scored, Klopp ran into the field to hug Allison and commentator Peter Drury(My favorite commentator) was on his usual best and shouting like crazy even I couldn't control myself. This is football Matt, this is real football. Class and dignity has it's importance and place in the game of football but without passion it won't be the number 1 sports in the World. I hope u got what I'm trying to say…
    In the Ballon D'Or topic: I want Varane to win it. Why always only the goal scorers get all the recognition? Varane is arguably the best defender at present so he deserves it after having such a brilliant 2018 (Won both UCL & WC). Fabio Cannavaro got it in 2006 so why not Varane? If we don't acknowledge defenders and their skills & performances then in future next gen footballers won't be interested in learning the art of defending. Actually it has started already. The art of defending is going out of the game.
    However after saying all that I still think the winner will be either Modric or Ronaldo. Have no problem with either of them winning this prestigious accolade…

  3. As a Liverpool fan I would like salah to win bu he hasn't had the greatest start to the new season despite last and people like messi and CR did what he did last and are still doing it this season

  4. I thought that the ballon d’oor was the best player in that year not whose team did the best? Say I played 4 Cardiff and Gabon and I didn’t win the champions league and World Cup but scored 50 in the prem and 13 in the champions leaugue


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