MUST-WATCH: day in the life of handicapped Nigerian "Agbero"

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  1. I came here thinking id see a humbling video about adversity and i see this shit case moron who tries to sleep with women even when he is married and tries to extort drivers.

    What the shit?

  2. I never thought I will see a handicapped thug but yeah world is full of wonders! Why would people who works hard have to pay for the government made road! I have seen many handicapped worse them him working with honesty but this man I don't feel sad for him I hope he get his ass wopped one day

  3. This guy is a disgrace, nothing to proud of at all!
    I know it is hard to get a job but at least try, don't just become a thug.
    I can't believe you gave this man a wheelchair and then made a documentary about him ripping people off.

  4. It's nice to see him get out the bed and stay active but this is BS. Why is he collecting money from those drivers, based on what? He has a ring on and says he's married but you're out here in these streets thoting around on your wheelchair while your wife is home. smdh he seemed so proud about it so i guess the moral of the story is "You can fuck around while on a wheelchair."

  5. He's really nothing more than a disabled thug. You should feel ashamed for documenting this kind of behavior; do you truly want someone that extorts money from hard working people to be the face of disability in Nigeria? Terrible.

  6. His way of living is not ideal but his options are limited. Nigerian government refuses to care and acknowledge people living with disabilities. He grew up knowing hardship obviously he won't see anything wrong with his lifestyle. A country that abandoned him at birth, why would he feel any different stealing from the government.


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