Napoli 2-0 Liverpool VAR controversy + who is Erling Haaland? ► Daily News

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  1. One football misreading barca totally. Messi has not played a game this season and you want to start him for 90 minutes. Jordi alba got injured no other left back available dortmund exploited that.
    Griezmann, messi and suarez first time together on the pitch this season.
    Valverde should have carried a left back that was his error.

  2. Think I'll stick with Football Daily, channels get worse and worse for only doing rumours, no real substance to any of it anymore. And atleast they admit to being biased and not just report stuff to hate on a team.

  3. To Man. Utd. fans out there. Erling Braut Haalands dad said in an interview that his past with Man. Utd. has nothing to do with his son's career. A job is a job, where it appears to be doesn't matter👍

  4. Pretty much ended his career ?!

    Roy Keane premeditatedly broke him for the rest of his life, ended his career, bosted about what he was going to do to him for half a year ahead of that fixture, braged about what he did in the aftermath, and should have gone to jail for premeditated assault, never mind should have paid a massive fine !!

    Keane is an evil, fucking monster !!

  5. Var is a assistant referee it should always be active so even if the ref said no pen they should have checked it if var thought it was a pen the People in the room should be able to see it but if the ref makes a call they should also check it

  6. OneFootball: yes VVD made a mistake, so what? He's still world class, get over it
    Oh My Goal: makes an entire video on how Messi played shit against Dortmund while he was injured and just started playing again

  7. Is this all rules are made for just and just for Barcelona, Real Madrid , Juventus , Manchester city like Money power showing of Club or For all , In that Penalty Barcelona Goalkeeper is clearly of the line Before Penalty taken. so that Penalty must be retaken but not, I am sure if it was Barcelona Penalty that was been retaken Fuck you UEFA Rules


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