Nigeria Shrine: where the Gods drink blood (Part 2)

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  1. How is this helping Africa today to be freed up and liberated? Santeria is a corrupt form of the African religion. It's straight up demonic helping those forces of the Catholic Church which helped to enslave people of African amcestry.

  2. Story for Yoruba culture they don't know the truth l call up on them to believe in triune God who is not made by human hand .How can man make God yet He is the one who made man ,you are lost

  3. Why scare for ,this is our Africa ,our ancestors heritage,must use them with precautions and respect of the univers laws,What you don’t know don’t judge,cause every single things is a part of the thruth .May our sister and brother understand that .Sorry for my ENGL though cause I am French speaker.❤️

  4. These people on this channel you don't seem to have fear for Jehovah God. You will be writing about these small gods that isn't even up to the feet of Jehovah's Son Jesus Christ, and you will be using capital letter g to start the spelling of gods for them. That honor is reserved for Jehovah alone, the only True God. Those gods are all false gods. So now you know. You won't say you weren't told.

  5. Stop this madness. Things made by the hands of man are not to be worshipped. The One True God made YOU and the rest of the stuff He made for you to use and thrive on earth. He prepared the earth before putting us here just like a mom and dad prepare the area for a newborn baby. Earth was prepared for us by God and He made us in His image. Whhhhyyyy would you worship a thing YOU made and not the True God who made you. I pray the Lord set you free from idol worship because it is worthless and I say this in love being a descendant of Nigerians. Jesus is the Way.

    Flesh and blood won’t enter into the kingdom of God… (so RACE has nothing to do with it as God made us ALL for His pleasure.) Only those who have been born again in SPIRIT in Jesus will enter into the kingdom of God. Find Jesus and you find life and provision. He loves you and still makes it rain in the just and unjust. His mercy and love for you is why you still have water to drink and air to breathe. Worship only HIM. Repent and be saved through Jesus.❤️


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