#NigeriaDecides: SaharaTV Exclusive Interview With Professor Yemi Osinbajo

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  1. Now this is a man who knows what he's talking about, you'd never hear the soon to be Ex President give straight and meaningful answers like this, or even worse, the soon to be Ex Vice President.

  2. He deserves to be president himself, because he's up to the the task. He's very intelligent man, i pray that you win. I'm a Ghanaian but I trust his vision and his political agenda for Nigeria. Thank you mr. vice.

  3. Nigerians are about money and never for the interest of their country. You can see now that the so called REDEEMED CHURCH is investing into the Nigerian politics so that when they succeeded there would a special allocation to the REDEEMED CHURCH. Flew from this people folk and don't be deceived! Mr ADEBOYE has been fornicating with the Nigerian politicians for so long. He was praying and blessing Mr Jonathan prior to this moment and all of a sudden he just flipped and begin to back the opposition all because of money. Woe unto them all for all the Evils they are perpetrating in Nigeria.

  4. Only in a country as backwards as Nigeria could a Vice-Presidential Candidate talk more and make more sense that the one vying for the Presidential slot. Constitutionally speaking, the VP of Nigeria is essentially useless. He only does what the President allows him or delegates to him. All this talking that Osinbajo is doing now may very well amount to nothing if Buhari chooses not to use him. Osinbajo speaks very well, admittedly. But in my view, the platform to which they are operating have many questions to answer in terms of the characters who formed the party and who are pulling the strings. 

    THere will be no going backwards, to a bygone era, to foist an expired candidate on Nigeria at this day and age. We must allow GEJ to finish the work he started because we are already beginining to see their fruits; albeit slowly. The Transformation Agenda IS working!!!! 


  5. This individual has shown intelligence, integrity and insight, 3 imperatives for anyone who can lead Nigeria at a critical time like now. Its been long since i got this kind of conviction from watching a political candidate speak… I have now chosen to reach beyond ethnic affiliations or any unfounded allegiance to a system that has performed woefully and is still doing so. I have chosen to raise my level of political awareness by being properly informed regarding the polity of my dear country because young people like myself (68% of the country's population) are the most heartbroken by the current model of democracy. I simply want to make the best political choices based on my own expectations of governance and i am convinced that my choices, our choices will begin to matter when young people like myself take a similar stand! Your vote is your right! Vote wisely

  6. I like the plans.  I hope they don't raise taxes though. Nigeria should keep the taxes low, Actually we need to eliminate taxes for foreign companies that set up manufacturing plants in Nigeria.

  7. APC can never and will never win this election,i reserved my comments,Sahara reporters will be put to shame at last because of your stupid bias,you guys are wasting your youthful ages in yankee,all the name of staying in Abroad.Stupid studio.

  8. look at adeola,look at the way she opened her eyes and teeth looking at the Prof.u wan marry am?i was thinking that is only the General buhari that is sick not knowing that proff.osibanjo/oyebanjo is sick too,is own is even worst that General buhari.why una no quick give am water.GEJ 2019,there is no way apc can win this election.

  9. amazing thought for nigeria from prof osinbajo, God bless you and God bless nigeria,we need changes as soon as possible,since i travelled out of the country then i knew nigeria is far far behind in development,despite our resourses, corruption has really eaten deep.

  10. You guys are doing a great job, but please try to control the background noise next time, it dosent sound and look professional hearing music and ladies heel sound during interview. God bless you


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