Nigerian Army Cadet Tortures Man For Complimenting A Female Officer

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  1. Do I need to offer a reward for somebody to identify this girl?! It's going to be so easy to somebody simply to connect us with her by leaking her Facebook or instagram account?!Come on let's all get to the bottom of this please.

  2. (this man he said am beautiful) fellow mumu army men jopin to come beat. this is why sometimes I say men are very foolish very foolish many think they have brain woman u are ugly I live mbounu village beside majestrate court I be like say u neva jam

  3. I believe he acted somewhat stupid, he must know for a fact the way these army cadets behave, how the sense of power overwhelms them and become so intoxicated by it that they feel godlike and take offense on anything said and done by poor helpless civilians and find anything to be motive enough to beat them, the whole Nigerian army must have these same "values" and code of conduct as a norm, so really, nothing surprising here sadly.

  4. It is sad to see what is being churned out of the Military, even animals have more honor. What a shame and aberration.
    These Kid soldiers will never go unpunished either from the power of men or that of the great beyond.

  5. My blood does boil…I don't even understand what gratification these animals get out of this. Fortunately, not all officers act like this, but these ones give the force a bad name. Poor guy! Glad he survived it sha. Wherever U are, U are now a soldier…a hero…unlike those ones

  6. Nincompoop cadets, if truly rule of law exists in that Banana republic called Nigeria, that Dude should be publicly apologized to by these assholes in ragtag military camouflage and be made to huge financial compensation.
    Get them arrested prosecuted, dismissed & handed long jail terms.
    That`s the least Nigerian government should in the minimum do.

  7. what you don't know is DAT
    cadet officers like to be respected and be fearful to them, that make them satisfy .
    but a common right can become a serious wrong ( offence ) and remember they enjoy doing DAT because they are mostly teenagers with much opportunity to judge.

  8. So, were these young guys also trying to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff? When we say we have put the people who don Nigerian uniforms above the law and divorced them from decency, some would see it as an overstatement.

  9. What a shame. This fools should be disciplined and dismissed from the army. We can clearly see the kind of soldiers they
    will be in future. I bet if that poor boy dressed nice come from a wealthy family this animals will not touch him. What a shame.

  10. It's sorrowful , what a country where some selected few that we trained and feed with our collective country hard earned money for our territorial and citizenry protection turns around to make them self feels like a small gods in the same father land , should in case these little cadet kids and the people in government don't know, they should be told that they are nothing but a well trained , groomed and elected SERVANT of the people, why don't they learn from the way the government and forces of the USA that we always want to model treats their citizen, they don't disgrace and put their country to shame like we always do . this little cadet kids should be told that what they are doing is not exercise of power but embarrassment and shame to the country and the citizenry whose interest they should be protecting. What a pity, i wonder what future my fatherland (NIGERIA) is preparing for…..

  11. Only God knows what happened to the laws of this country even if the government sees this they have nothing to say about it we no longer have the freedom to express our self the police are far worse they hold your phone like it belongs to them harass you like they created you. You can no longer buy the phone of your choice else they say you're into fraud we live in fear but still they know the evil men but they are kept shut only the poor go to jail even for the wrong reason #FUCK THE GOVERNMENT WHO THEM HELP

  12. this is total bullshit n rubbish of highest order, wats wrong in complimenting her? instead of these buffalos to be deployed to zambisa forest, they are here using A WHOLE HUMAN BEING AS A LAB RAT. GOD go punish those lowlife cadet!

  13. Zombies. if it was a wealthy man that make such compliment, would she have acted this way? not surprise sha, Our Leaders n Force Men that are suppose to protect us are PUPPETS of the western world. Dajjal in white house.

  14. choi i hope they die miserably. in their next deployment in sambisa. how can honourable soldiers be in battle field doing Nigeria proud and these young recruit be in Barack molesting people, she lack home training and this is the kind of soldiers that disgrace our dearly beloved country………………………………………………. i pray my president sees this and deall with them all if possible castrate em……………………………..

  15. Nigeria Army please the character u guys just displayed on this video just because a guy complimented a female Soldier Is in appropriate, we all know you guys are here risk ur life for our well being, the best a normal guy can do for u is to complement u, I see no reason why u guys should be acting like that. to be frankly speaking I'm not impressed with such attitude.


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