NIGERIANS in AMERICA: would you ever move back to NIGERIA??

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  1. Y'all bunch of jokes. Keep waiting for Nigeria to fix itself. I am planning on moving back home but so much fund involved.

    I love the fact that she threw the question of government and oil contract to expose their hypocrisy and double standard. When they're offered multimillion dollars contract, they will no longer have issues with bad road and security.

    This is typical mindsets of Nigerians- absolute selfishness, zero patriotism and always seeking ways to milk the country including those at diaspora.

    Y'all should be embarrassed to claim you live in America and yet learn absolutely nothing from the country.

  2. I scrolled through and read a lot of comments I did not see any Nigerian say they were willing to fight and die so that their children will have a better life. All those things that you say will make your country better are not free, a price has to be paid for them. Freedom ain't free

  3. Ok its simple all of you love Nigeria then go back to Nigeria get out of my country. If you're use to not having any running water electricity everything simpler for yourselves in my country then go home. Yes its that easy

  4. pervert[ˈpɜːvət] UK [ˈpɝːvət] US Noun
    Pervert[pəˈvɜːt] UK[pɚˈvɝt]US Verb
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    Dove[dʌv] Noun.
    [ʍɪð fəˈneɪks| eɪ ˈpʰɝːn̩z vɔɪs ˈtʃeɪndʒɪz||]

  5. To be fair , everyone here made a decent comment about coming back home to your homeland . I am proud of the fact that they took pride in their country to imagine a better Nigeria but to be honest that sounds very difficult right now and I'll tell you why . Most Nigerians have already instilled fear in form of classical conditioning i.e we have created a phobia for staying in our country and a love for running abroad . You can say it's a way of life and even tbe little kids are picking it up . So they only way to move forward from this question of if we Nigerians want to stay or leave , is to forget about the question. What we need is a collective effort of young , bright individuals (home and abroad) with a greater belief for a Better Nigeria who can create jobs , improved infrastructure (roads, hospital, musuems , welfare buildings, etc) , top-level security systems (in military and national security) , accountability systems (for crime and corruption) and electricity ( solar panels ? Nigeria has a very hot climate ) . We need to come together not just as a government but as a people that believes in ourselves and improve this great nation with these key points . All we need to do first is to Believe that it is very possible with the grace of our Lord and even if it takes 10-15 years , we can rise again as the Giant of Africa .

    P.S : Once we start working on all these low-points , our economy will sky-rocket , tourism will increase, currency value will rise to gold , a lot of countries will increase investments in Nigeria and most of our Nigerians abroad will immediately develop a renewed-love of their homeland and will start returning ❤❤. It will take time and will be very very difficult but it'll be worth it . #peace

  6. When pigs grow wings and take off and snakes grow legs and walk upright, the problem of electricity and security would be solved in Nigeria, otherwise, we can all keep dreaming and living in the shit hole excuse of a country.


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