Nigeria’s Carter bridge is close to collapse

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  1. The Lagos city government has enough money to fix this issue ….if this was any industrialized country in the world they would close the bridge off , and re route the traffic while the finish construction on repairs … Hopefully this video will catch the government attention

  2. This is the people's fault and the wretched government should put a sign on the height limit. People clearly see there's a height limit but they still try to go through it without using common sense.

  3. The best solution is to send this video along with a petition to every official with a social media account or e-mail. This bridge is a casualty waiting to happen.

  4. They have money to build eko atlantic that will benefit the white people or the nigerians diaspora, but when its come to take care of nigerian citizen, all of sudden there is no money.

    Poor people in a rich country, what a shame..

  5. People wait naa e never fall until there is a black Monday or Tuesday or Ambode and that deaf n dumb in aso rock will do somffin stupid greedy evil politicians in Nigeria

  6. What a shame to the so called country”The Giant of Africa! My heart aches to see my country this way and our leaders visit other parts of world; it never move them to make a change that they were there for in the first place. How I wish they knew what they were playing with? The judgement of the source of all power! I hope they will replace this bridge before it is way too late! Thanks for reading.

  7. How is this a political problem,it is the citizens ingnorant issues,also when the contractors built that bridge,they are meant to put in bold the measurement and height allowed to go through the bridge,then if any big trailers,and all those go through it,then they should be arrested, measured, also drivers needs to know them trailers measurement. It's very simple. Now government kindly assist these citizens and when idiots go through it then they break the law.

  8. A bridge that should have been been blown up after replacing it with a new one. Nigeria is truly fucked. Added to the fact that the bridge is so low for easy passage.

  9. Where's the funds to repair or replace the bridge? You have watched the ones in power stolen the money from the public treasury while you all are shouting RANKADEDE to them whenever you see them in their exotic cars and flying high in their private jets on your resources.

  10. Wait untill you hear mass death then our government, the national assemly and the politicians in general will start saying "our condolance our prayers":
    Useless country😏😣

  11. Nigerian government don’t know anything about regeneration or preservation , we are frightfully childish Na to build new ones dem know! Shameful race , government cannot understand that its core objective is to improve the lives of its people, to lift people out of poverty! Tinubu is their with his igbirra voice claiming Lagos as his kingdom, if that bridge collapses, it won’t just be about loss of lives, it would be a disaster for sure, but it would be a shameful blow for the entire black race! Go to London and see Tower Bridge, still beautiful, still respected ! Yeye people, dem go still dey shout Eko o ni baaje’ , well look at this significant bridge na! Rotten brain people!

  12. This is what happens when you idolise thieves instead of fighting for your right. Stop blaming politicians if you’re too weak and ignorant to fight and take your country back. These problems will continue to get worse until Nigerians are politically literate. You’ll never be taught this at school because they don’t want you to realise the power you possess. Read some books on how government works. This will allow most of you to gain critical thinking skills to evaluate different points of view. The funniest part is that most people reading this will oppose because they are ignorant.


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