Nigeria's Constitution Can Never Give Us Peace And Progress – Sen. Adeyeye Fumes

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  1. You stupid politicians know the problems of Nigeria, but do not want to solve it. Instead pretending like you care. You politicians are greedy and selfish. Pathetic liars and hypocrite. Your Generations are cursed Forever.

  2. Is this not all the problems president Jonathan tried to solve, by the national conference??? That turned the yorubas against him and they started calling him names , clueless " fool" drunkard "corrupt"and so on???..pikin way purposely put him hand for fire" na fire go burn that hand finish. God will not help you in that kind of stupidity.

  3. Nigeria is just a Joke country….. Now that this man is not returning to the senate is when he knows the constitution is to be amended…. Old fools God will punish you all. They will never say the truth when they are benefiting its only when they are no more in the system.

  4. I am of the opinion that the states he opines to be the federating units CANNOT suffice to be so. We need to go down to the local government level to begin the federation. We need to aggregate (i.e. federate) the local governments into their regions and scrap states

  5. So you people actually think these big bellied men here really care about what's going on in the states as long as it's not affecting them and their families? They have no interest on what to do to make Nigeria a better place,they're just there for the money they get legally and illegally..just that.
    This man can take sit and rest after wasting his energy..Selfish rulers

  6. A country that say they want to be one , still carry around, a militarized constitution. Keep deceiving yourselves… Death will soon engulf Nigeria. wait for it !! wicked people in Government. untill all the military leaders …and civil war conductors give way… it will be hard to achieve what u are saying. ask IBB!!

  7. This Adeyeye have been in the senate for years and kept quiet watching as massive looting, Killings and corruption has swept across every sector of Nigeria, he has been reading the Nigerian constitution even before he was voted to represent his senatorial district, how come he is waking up now that he has few weeks to go, he wants to change Nigerian constitution in less than two weeks..this is a joke, wake up Nigerians.. these men are FRAUD! He still want to be seen as a good man,possibly he still wants to run for another political office after wasting years in the senate doing nothing. Shame on him. Na die we dey for this country. Nobody will escape it.

  8. The north we not agree with state police because dey what to country Nigeria with there can a man that Speak Hausa be the ig of police in a state that dey speak yuroba and Hausa is the ig in the state that dey speak Hausa the Igbo are wise . the yuroba are just the fools of the north. We can not continue like this is time everybody find there way the Hausa have ruled Nigerians all this year's what do we gain nor buhari is taking Nigeria to a more Muslim part Hausa have to go we are tired.igbo are wise

  9. who is that sentor say about motorcycle as sulutions ,is not the same Boko heram today started ,having armoured menchine, dons and surficated gums than nigeria army's ,where do they come the time after killing our soilders , they're bragging will take A.P .C. after our refuse to go lack equipment were sentence to death. you all time coming for worsen. . one wanting sympathy without getting it ,he learn by experienced by sympathising others. that is Republic as country.

  10. That country will swallow you people. It's accumulating and you people think that it's only the poor ones will suffer the mayhem that is about to happen. God bless you even though you are among the criminals

  11. Nigerians can you see your elected and representatives in the chamber busy doing their own things when serious issues are been raised. And you expect a change for the better in our dear country? what a pity.

  12. Nonsense, nonsense and nonsense. Before and after the civil war,there was this story that was flying around in the east,that Awolowo told Ojukwu that if the Igbos should secede and form Biafra that the Yorubas will form the Oduduwa Republic.Well there was denial here and there that Awo never said such or he was misinterpreted.The Igbos felt betrayed and disappointed.Well another opportunity came in 2019 with the Yorubas at the forefront.This time it was called RESTRUCTURING!State Police,derivation name them.There was handshakes across the Niger with those from Middle Belt,Southsouth,South east and South west.It was agreed that any party that agrees on RESTRUCTURING should be voted for.PDP and Atiku agreed.Almost every region that signed this pact voted PDP.The South West with it's setelite States like Kwara and Kogi, all voted for apc's Buhari.The rest ist Geschicte.So what does this man speaking bla bla bla want?Because you've your son as the Vice President,you again stabbed the others at their back.Awo or no Awo,this time all is on record . Let's see how the South West will come out of the mess this time.Does anyone in his right senses think that man should go into any alliance or agreement with the South West again?

  13. i thank you very much my senator from osun state. you spoke very well. History will vindicate you. you tried your best to warn other senators of future problems but they are listing. i am from Anambra state but i appreciate you r courage and honesty. Remain blessed.

  14. We already know that the present thing called Nigerian Constitution is A BIG FRAUD! Thanks for Re-Echoing it Sir! Not just about State Policing as too many things are obviously NOT RIGHT IN THAT FRAUD CALLED CONSTITUTION! Like your Salaries for instance, how can a Country that pays her Senators about#14M monthly be borrowing to do so in a Country where job opportunities are obviously scare and because you people that call's yourselves leaders are rulers who do not have anything called BUSINESS IDEA, anybody that manages to get into office WANTS TO DIE THERE BECAUSE OF CLUELESSNESS! Again, Of ALL the Natural Resources God Almighty gave to US, we only hear about Oil! What then is happening to Our Gold, etc? God Almighty will DO A NEW THING IN NIGERIA WEATHER THE DEVIL LIKES IT OR NOT IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, AMEN!!!g

  15. Northern power grabbers scripted the fraudulent constitution to serve their political and hegemonic vested interests and it's working perfectly for them, that is why they resist or knock down every genuine move for a change in the status quo. They are in the majority in both houses, and have perfected a scheme to hold on to the executive, and the current ruler from that same stock, has gone one step further to consolidate that hegemony by elevating nepotism to an artform and entrenching that stranglehold on the very soul of the country, by appointing only his kinsmen to sensitive positions in the land, so no amount of shouting, pleading, voting or grammar, from honest and courageous lawmakers like this great senator or other good Nigerians, can legally change anything, even in a thousand years; only one thing can and that is a big revolution, irrespective of how it comes or who starts it! Nigeria is over ripe for a revolution!!

  16. Very stupid of these men , a gentle is talking of some important national issue , but all them are laughing ,shaking hand and absent with this truth , and we pay them a lot to seat and do nothing, until our youths rise up gallantly like the Arab youths, we will all die just one day ,wake up bredrens


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