Nursing Mother And Her One Year Old Child Detained At KiriKiri Prison

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  1. The fact that is tough is why God may raise people like you and research shows that if you speak to 100 people definitely one person will catch and act on the information so if we have 100 street gist people educating the mind of nigerian people, that shows that if you speak to 100 in a week you will win 1 person over and 100 street gisters like you will win 100 in a week and times 52 weeks in a year, that is 5,200 people you have educated in a year and in 4years time that would be 20,800 and this people in question will also begin to educate others, it's not about getting the job done in one day because the people that destroyed Nigeria started it in the 60s and today we are now ruled by thugs, robbers, jihadist and religious manipulation, therefore it is possible to start thinking of rebuilding from people like you on the street of Nigeria. God bless

  2. I remember when sogunro is a lecturer we as a student in his department we will be running up & down just because sogorun is coming useless man.. sogorun is the worse rector laspotech has produced,,

  3. Hi people. It is very bad to condemned people that are not knowledgeable about what evil they have done to themselves and their families for voting the evildoers in power, remember what and how poverty can drained people's sense of reasoning, please all we need to be doing is take advantage of what is going on and educate the people more about the continuous dangers of associating with this cabals because this people are so ignorant that they only follow party and not the contents of the party or what the party stands for, so let us as take it back movement lead them right, 4years is not far away and people will remember your contribution when the time come. We Should Please Stop Saying That Oh You Vote For The Next Level.

  4. . I really feel sad whenever I see this, are we dis heartless, please if it's true that a nursing mother is among those arrested, I beg govt , please let them be released.

  5. Everyone is saying God will change Nigeria, you are wrong.

    Nigerians will change Nigeria. And this is how you do it. Imagine democracy, you must SCREAM and shout until you are heard. Protest, and demonstrate and picket. It is your constitutional right to be heard and it's not Jesus that will picket for you


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