Osun Oshogbo Festival Promo – Watch on BattaBox.com !!

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  1. With that said Ashe from Somaliland dont mind the haters a new generation of African youth not impressed by white jesus or mohammed is coming!   Ashe! Ire!

  2. Reading all the white jesus freaks in the comments soo quick to talk smack about traditional African religion whether good or bad but defend Abrahamic religions to the last breath as if its perfect. Smdh

  3. hey +William, we can't ruin what we built ourselves nau, Haba! and video is not cheap anywhere, we want the best for our Battabox viewers, no more camera phone video's jor. Abeg you can afford $1.

    We'll be at BattaBox.com if you ever change your mind 😀

  4. Can someone please send me the link for the new "battabox" on youtube, i know another nigerian is ready and waiting to take their place. I would love to continue to learn about nigeria FOR FREE

  5. Dont you see you are ruining battabox? Video is cheap, we dont want anything fancy, a beautiful nigerian lady recording life in nigerai on her mobile phone would be enough. Battabox should be sharing life experiences for enjoyment not for a dollar. And if you insist on asking for money atleast aim high and ask for £1.

  6. If you guys leave youtube another person will start doing what you've stopped. I love your vids but the odds of me going to your site is less likely because when I'm on youtube I watch several people at a time.

  7. hey +christiana, our video's don't hang o. maybe its your internet service provider or the video isn't streaming fast at your end, just give it time to load if that's the case.

    Don't forget to subscribe!

  8. hey +Mizz Mefu !! how now?! this is the trailer oooo… you can check out all the Osun videos at BattaBox.com/Osun-Osogbo/ … we think you'll enjoy 'em well well 😀


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