Police Gun Down Five Suspected Kidnappers

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  1. it only happen in Nigeria when a police men will kill a suspect,before killing a suspect u first of all investigate the crime committed,becos some of the suspect are innocent soul that are in the wrong place at the wrong time.may GOD help our children

  2. Lol in Africa, even if you are a "suspected" criminal, I mean suspected, you get killed . America, you might be guilty yeah! But without evidence, bruh, you are free. Hahaha. But let the police keep on doing their job. We wish them well.

  3. For those who are prasing the police,  i am ashamed of you all  though i never and will never suport any criminal  but what happen to the gorvernors and senators  infact even the president who have been looted Nigeria as a whole, is it not the same police that protect them? some of them have oprotunity  to live again but they waist them all just for promotion, and they can't even arrest a common local gorvernment chairman on road contract worth millions , it's painful that this 21 century nigeria had not learn any thing rather corruption , some suspet are innocent but who will speek for them? let pray that our blessed country Nigeria will have a leader not rulers 


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