Police parades man who allegedly kills wife and two children in Benin

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  1. This is a spiritual matter. This man is innocent of this acts. That is family demons from his wife's household and his household put together. Family idol. This is reason people need to have spiritual Father. This was sheduled to destroy the family.

  2. Honestly I don't pity this idiot 😏. Benin modernized local champion Boys are angered personified naturally. They don't know how to control their anger because illiteracy is in their bloods, even though a lot may have attended uniben and Aau. Funny enough, the dirty demon that always control them is laughing hard at him after him keinkein eyes Don clear

  3. Dis commisioner never ear of d cult killing in Edo state.. youth are killing dem self all in d name of cultist, since december so many youth have lost dere life in Edo state. Mostly siloko rd, uwelu rd, ugbowo, upper sakpoba rd, useh and Egor… pls mr commisioner try and work on those area. The killing of cultist is too much.

  4. Probably this man is cheating on his wife and the wife treathing to cheat too… that is what leaded him to kill his wife and children# all these nigeria men out there that won't stop cheating on their wives this how God will push you all to jail nonsense

  5. I don't care what this guys says he has to pay with his life for such a terrible,awful crime.Look at nigerians all in chains in their motherland just because of money.Why not look for a plot of land and farm?You are better off free than locked up.What a terrible country though.The ball is in your court again nigerians,vote wisely.Vote out all these old people.Thank you.


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