PSG fans want Neymar OUT! ► Daily News

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  1. Cmon OneFootball I just saw the real Madrid season 2019/20 preview…and in that Dan Burke tipped Real Madrid to win la liga..lmao real madrid won't win la liga…la liga will always be Barca's and also ucl this year

  2. The Wolves decision was 50/50, Willy Boly was looking the other way and the ball hit his shoulder, var still doesn’t stop biased decisions. Both the ref and var ref (Marriner and Moss) are Villa fans

  3. I think it will just take time for people to adjust to VAR being included within the sport, however I think they need to look at how often VAR will be used during games for example more like American football where every play is reviewed or more like the NBA where only calls such as at the end of games our reviewed


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