Rev. Mbaka Fights Back Against President Jonathan and First Lady Patience Jonathan

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  1. Father Mbaka, Now that you have PMB direct telephone number and you can go to Aso Rock as you like, what has it changed? Of what benefit is it to us? Is PMB now doing better than GEJ? 2019 is now around the corner!!! I pray that adoration ministry worshipers are alive to their conscience and will not let Fr Mbaka's opinion/message persuade them to either vote wrongly for PMB or campaign wrongly against a better Presidential candidate, yet to be known. Nigerians remember that once beaten twice shy; the case of PMB in president presents the possibility of "Once beaten 2 raise to power x shy, where x=>2 and tending to i (infinity). Fellow Nigerians, we need to shine our eyes well well this time, because our "mumu don do, make we no let our mumu pas this level, I beg una"

  2. Father Mbaka, I hope you will now tell Buhari that he is not doing well. Father Mbaka, have our unemployed graduates started getting jobs now. Remember your antecedents and role in the days of Ohakim of Imo on the occasion of accusation of Gov. Ohakim beating up a Rev Father. Many years after we started speking from the other side of your mouth that Ohakim did not beat up a Rev Father or that the allegation was not true/verified. Are you seing what is happening to Imo today. "Osukwala ozo"!! I hope you are not a fair weather Prophet!!! We are watching you; I pray you do not turn yourself to a practicing Politician-Priest!!!

  3. If I may ask, who is d fake Priest now? U people should be careful wen u attack a message u absolutely do not knw how it came about. Please I want to ask who has finally been announced as the President? APC or PDP? Nigerians I guess u people re d ones killing ur selves. D problem Nigeria is having is not the leaders but those who re led. Reading most comments here, NIGERIANS re confused! God bless Nigeria, long live Fr Mbaka. President Goodluck u tried during ur tenure. It's better d way u re living in Peace Nd nt in Pieces.

  4. One thing I do not understand is why he keeps contradicting himself. He gave an example of Hezekiah and Prophet Isiah in the bible. I just thank God he didn't forget to mention that Prophet Isiah went to meet Hezekiah physically, and he did not publicly embarrass Hezekiah. As Christians we do not have any right to judge another human being because we are not perfect. this man should understand that if he truly reads his bible.

  5. This Mbaka is just a Rev Father for the fools……just like he is sooo FOOLISH !!…..Mbaka stop fooling around and come out straight and tell us that you have an interest in Politics…….FOOLISH PRIEST, speaking FOOLISH GRAMMER

  6. i listened and i saw many places where Mbaka got it totally wrong. i wish i'll see Mbaka and explained what i feel he doesn't understand about public governance and a developing country. what i can say to Mbaka is if he feels is very easy as he is saying then we will urge him to pick form lets vote for me and see how Nigeria will be turned to be like USA and UK in 4 years. To me he is not giving them details about governance and its challenges but  to pollute the atmosphere and brainwash the ignorant congregation. Let Mbaka enter the hot seat and lets assess his performance in 4 years and not noise making.

  7. What drivel! God is not an author of confusion. This is not a message from God., but a political/motivational message. Call him a social crusader and it's all good. But let us be aware that ther are authorities and governments, established by God and he recognises them. God does not announce to the masses what he is saying to the king he appointed. If you read the Bible you will see the pattern. Even when God sent Samuel to anoint David as king of Israel instead of Saul, God did not desecrate the throne of Saul to do that. He even told Samuel to pretend that he was coming to Bethlehem to make a sacrifice, because God is a God of order. This talk is a shameful display of disrespect for constituted authority and I can assure you that God is not involved in this. Mark my words, the Bible is clear on this – God is decent and orderly, not an uncouth loudmouth like this man is portraying Him to be.

  8. God bless you Rev.. I love you. for how long other man of God will continue to keep quite from saying the truth yet many of them travel and see difference.. if all other corrupt pastors who collect money from govt start speaking the truth. things will change. corruption from govt office to church to people. Fuck.

  9. I have never had doubt about whether Mbaka is truly a man of God. What baffles me is how blind folded our Easterners are – to the extent that they cannot believe this man even when they know he is saying the truth. God bless you man of God

  10. Still you have missed the mark,i pity the flocks under his ministry,they are doomed for destruction.However,only in the same sermon he as only ended up contracted himself severally. He forget that Judas iscariot betrayed Jesus or what did he thinks. because the president refused you his number you now went this spree criticism? corruption is your name nothing else.

  11. For speaking the truth God of heaven will bless u and your generation. First time in my life in the history of Nigeria for a man of God to tell the President in office the truth openly. I am disturb that some men of God and well meaning Nigerians are keeping silent in the face of this growing evil by this govt.If they failed to speak now then when is it when Nigeria is completely destroyed. God forbid.

  12. This is Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu of Nigeria, the people's conscience
    The Lord shall protect you at all times for speaking & siding with the people
    Nearly 90,000 views in 3 days, He is inspirational

  13. Why do you keep taking off my post? I don't believe that a religious leader should collect money from a government he has described as corrupt and then turn around and use Bible verses to explain away his change of preference, expecting his members to see eye to eye with him. "If they want their money back…" is what he said; he should not have got the money on the first place. I thought Sahara Reporters was a fair platform.

  14. Once again, people are being steered in the direction of the preacher's preference. He even tries to blame God for his lack of resolve. You cannot serve God and mammon…people open your eyes, it's your choice to make; our mumu don do!

  15. This is truly an evidence that carnality has taken over the church, I see no reason why a man of God will engage in such incessant public quarrel with people, Honestly, it's a disgrace and an insult to his spiritual office. yes, it is well, it is well. as Christians that's our language even unto death, that's why we are Christians. don't be the judge, they'll answer for themselves how they govern their people. stop inciting violent against the incumbent President, the problem of Nigeria didn't started today and its not even Buhari that will fix it. rather than engaging in such dirty public quarrels, I want to crave Rev. Mbaka's indulgence to be neutral concerning political matters and focus in the business of which God called him to do. stop all the embarrassment for Christ sake, start praying for the leaders for the transformation or change you desire to see, if you don't believe in prayers anymore and prefer it in a physical confrontation then you've simply left your God or your God has left you. 

  16. This is the kind of message people don't wanna hear,especially my brothers from the East. Honestly you need to break that yoke of Ethnicity to understand the damage this "mentally poor" man is doing to the Country. Thank God we still have pious man of God,despite having lots of fraudulent ones around!

  17. Kudos to him for speaking what I consider the truth. However, didn't this man of God know all this when he was backing GEJ up? Why did he all of a sudden denounce them? Seems fishy to me.


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