Rudeboy – Need You ft. Mr. P (Official Video)

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  1. Two mature men have decided to work individually, I think as fans we should respect their decision and support them in their solo career regardless. And please guys stop begging them to come back as P. Square, it’s not always about what you want.

  2. Keep dreaming! One day you will ask Destiny child to come back. This is just music it's funny cos rude boy n his brother(Mr P) are so intact! go n see how their wives show love to each other on instagram.That's why rude boy even sang a song that "All those pple wey try to bring confusion in our brother hood"…..,wuna hearrrrr????ok oooo.These guys are fine they just decided to be independent,so show them both love.Add them two to ur favourite musicians chat n story close!!!!!


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