SARS Is A Manifestation Of Our Own Acceptance Of Our Dehumanisation, Seun Kuti

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  1. Seun Kuti is brilliant and very articulate. However, he was wrong to assert that his Grammy nomination implies that Egypt 80 of his father's was of lesser success than he has led it into being. During Fela's time, the political world viewed him as an outlaw and most creative works out of Africa were ignored due to racism. That atmosphere no longer exists in the same degree today, hence he could get a Grammy nominations.

  2. Wow , wow, wow, in fact after listening to Seun, I can't but conclude that aside from being a musician and a father, he is also a great philosopher. I love him a lot. Truth be told.. Nigeria needs more compatriots like him

  3. I love you brother, Seun. I cried watching this. Your honesty and eloquence shone through. When you said that people look for inspiration when they lead fake lives, it felt like you were talking to me personally! Just today I came across a video, with one viewer condemning, in the comments, Nigerian students who try to stay on and work in Europe at the end of their study. The author cited how the students "abuse the system", and how Europe is right to be hostile to them and justified in favouring it's citizens. I agreed with her that any country is justified to do right by her citizens but that by the same token, the descendants of those people who suffered all sorts of horrors at the hands of those first uninvited immigrants to the shores of the River Niger – the colonial empire – may feel entitled to reaping some of the benefits of the legacy of their stolen wealth.

  4. Keep up the good work, u true representation of ur dad. Feedback to Sahara tv can u guys ask ur questions and not type them out, not everyone watches the video if u know what u mean.

  5. This Guy is a Libral, but his father is a Conservative.. Foreigners are policing you in your Land! Why can't Yoruba Sars police its people, apply the same thing to igbo and hausa..Simple Igbos are the problem!

  6. Great Interviewer and well spoken Seun,, Nigerians have being conditioned to think that they no longer deserve the right to think properly and live a better life,, like every other human beings are living in other part pf the world, and they accepted all that bulshit, Buhari and all his cabals in the givernment are profesional didctators, they are masters of EVIL and they have no sympathy or whatsoever, to anyone they know how to study and manipulate people in whichever way they like, they see Nigeria as their paradise of corruption and Evil, as they know that half of Nigerians are always in support of evil and wickedness,, people full with the spirit of dictatorship,, everywhere you turn to in Nigeria, from top to bottom,, everyone is looking for who to cheat, and to hate or kill ,, Buhari and his cabals are happy that they will always get supporters from every angle in Nigeria in support of all the crime and atrocities against humanity.

  7. This interview of Seun Kuti should be thought in schools all over Africa. This is the education that I never had until recently. This what not being under the chains of mental slavery sounds like. Respect to Big Bird Kuti!

  8. Nigeria youth are educated but blind to understand basic principle of life so many didnot know the day they vote for those same People who brought then down today same and time they sign on for the System they put on ground to rule then , what they are complaining about today for same People who want you down using SARs to intimidate you , you sign up to it every 4 years , you dishumanise yourself by voting for then every 4 years , you can heat your cake and have it , Continue voting for then 2023 is coming vote for police brutality , killing by SARs, no basic health care , many Nigerians dont even know that basic health care is their humanitarian right , bad road , no water , no light , massive Corruption and come out and complain after election


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