Shocking! Girl Reveals Don Jazzy, D'banj, Olamide, Wizkid & 90% Nigerian Artistes Are Illuminati

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  1. Pastor wearing red tie, 419'er that realized there is more money in church business. looking at the internet, seeing what are the hot topics, tells this girl, say this and that, put on a show. Please, Baphomet to speak in Nigerian accent, come on. Or even to release such information to the public like that. Not gonna happen, this information is kept quiet by them, swept under the rug. It is true though that most artists that are popular have sold their soul through one way or the otehr including most popular Nigerian artists and I do believe that most names mentioned here indeed belong there. But what happens in this video is an act.

  2. i swear is pretty obvious that is fake first do dey knw the kind of cult they are calling, illuminati no be play guy, no be for careless person. and please what the name of the church please i need to knw

  3. please make you people know day fuck up oo that this girl na the best stupid one in Nigeria if na like that you mother and your father for don join make money and give you so that you will not talk fucking that your saying here oh Illuminati you don see something die hahaha

  4. Gullible people,that is why their pastors keep buying private jets,while they trek to the church , brain washed mofos. They pay tithe to develop schools none of their generations will step their foot on.


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