Shocking Ways Nigerian Mothers Feed their Babies

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  1. No where near child abuse. Abuse is not knowing your culture. Spoons lol. Most African foods are ate with the right hand. Abuse is baby formula. Abuse is not feeding your child. Abuse is perms in hair. Abuse is not loving your culture. Force feeding is when you feed so much that child vomits. Keep tradition, no change to please nobody. Love it Kafaya Akintayo. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Interesting. It looks a little scary. However she's been feeding this baby for 9 months like this. It's her tradition. She knows what she's doing with her child. Another thing is she is still breastfeeding and that's great. We don't know how often she does this in a day, but she said she feeds him three hand fulls. He's definitely not gonna starve. I bet this traditional practice came from needing to feed babies that didn't want to eat. Some people call it baby anorexia and some call it failure to thrive. Where I am from it is rare, but still happens occasionally. Why force feed a child that has a desire to eat?

  3. Want to send her a spoon? Seems a reasonable way to feed him if you have no spoon, less likely to choke than tipping that big bowl up and accidentally tipping it into his nose

  4. Naturally every body have their traditions and any practice can work accordingly to your traditions and and culture where you are from originally
    That us why it doesn't mean that if you were born by African parents in the white man land you are not
    White man you are black man so don't thing you can imitate the white man culture because what works for him may not work for you .what am trying to say is that feeding a baby like this may be some people ancestral way of feed babies but you can't do same to some one who is not from that part because it might cause but disaster.


  6. I think you should change the title to “some” Nigerian mothers and not just Nigerian mothers, because this presents a wrong image to the world and this is not representative of Nigeria as a whole

  7. I just thank almighty God that I am alive today because I was on of those babies who never ate to make the matter worse I was told I vomited all the food right after being forced fed 😫

  8. Awful to watch. How can they enjoy their food if they’re fed laying down with their head to one side? It must be like being flooded with liquid. Even if the child is hungry it can’t be a pleasant sensation. It seems to be more for the parents convenience than the child’s benefit.

  9. Force feeding is not acceptable u see that word force u r giving the child food when it doesn't want food because it's full or many other reasons but I do know that they have better practice now of feeding ur babies

  10. I suspect the old Nigerian nanny facing 15 years in America for the death of a child while force feeding might have another take on this matter . Very unfortunate but I definitely feel this is a dangerous practice

  11. I think it's inappropriate.
    Based on her explanation this is done so mothers can move on to other tasks. What's 10 minutes to feed a child?

    Back in the day, it was done because people didn't know better.

    A child will eat when they are hungry. When I was younger, I always cringe when I witnessed babies get force fed. #notokay

    Let me add that she's being kind of gentle with her method. I've seen worse.

  12. To me it seems very horrible, like feeding an animal…I think the baby can suffocate. It would be advisable to treat the baby with love and care ( gentle eye contact and reaffirming body contact, uplifting words so that it will tell secure and
    Accepted in the presence of the mother ! ) Maybe the force feeding was essential in the time of starvation periods ( Biafra) or in case of TRUE emergencies , but I think it is a violation of the small one nowadays. Bless you Conny


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