Sowore To Buhari's Minister: Nigerian Youths Will Send You Packing In 2019

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  1. In fact should I say I love u or what so speechless I just love your courage Sir. Keep it up shun d hater's don't relent u are stronger than the enemies the Lord is your strength Sowore we Nigerians love u 😍😘🙌

  2. Liers and wolves in sheep clothing…Animal go dey wear agbada… useless minster…Go on Sowore, the staff of the Almighty is bestowed on go…TAKEITBACK! TAKEITBACK!! TAKEITBACK FRom lying scumbags like the minister in this video and his accomplices.

  3. omo u too much 👍👌 young blood my pipo are jst too blind to see light
    but com to think of it sitting on tht presidential sit is a different mind set o i pray u don't change sir whn u get there God help u Amen

  4. Yeah Im really impressed with Sowore 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 he’s got a cool confident spirit about him and he’s not afraid of calling out the old heads who need to go sit down and retire and enjoy the rest of their life. Let the young generation take over and help Nigeria Rise Up! ✊🏾

  5. This is high time! I am strongly believe Nigerian's youths have been waiting all day long for. To see a leader with clean and clear vision who will not compromise the New NIGERIA with self-interest. Who is bold and determined to challenge so called shameless elders, old cargo politicians and looters of all time in APC and PDP. Both have failed us times without numbers so we should not allow them to come the power expect we have prepared for Nigerian's ship-wreck. Therefore, am begging you in the Name of God to collect anything those looter offer you half to all is your money in the first place and vote for the right man. Thanks


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