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  1. The problem with the Draft in Football is that you have so many pro leagues it would be impossible to do a draft system. The player has choice between 5 top leagues plus champions teams from another 10 or so leagues. it wouldnt work.

  2. I don't remember the last time we needed Rooney to solve a math problem nor when Pogba needed to explain physics. If draft was apply to football, the level of the players would get lower. Who was the last great, world class, american football player?

  3. The student athlete system we have in america is terrible. The student athletes are literally slaves to the NCAA and don't see a cent of the billions of dollars that they produce each year. And with the corruption in academics the players still aren't prepared for life afterwards if the sport doesn't work out for them.

    College sports to have a great atmosphere and its fun to see future superstars at 18 and 19 playing on national TV, but i still think the academy set up in Europe is far better.

  4. A draft system would be a good idea to produce a lot more young English footballers which we need the international team is slowly declining and would young and hungry talent which are being overlooked for foreign players as a former player and having weren't for an achilles injury would of went pro the stas system is more than a good idea I was top goal scorer with 50 goals in one season winning a trophy every season including sponsors player of the year would of been good if someone looked into stats so I think for the future of young English footballers would be great idea.


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