The Challenges of Being Albino in Nigeria

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  1. @BattaBox very informative segment on the plights of albinism in today's Nigeria. Nonetheless, I think it is always important to dispell myths and educate the audience and the individuals you interview when you make these videos. For instance, several interviewees stated that salty food should be avoided; however, contrary to these statements the restriction of salt is a myth and has led to a rise of goitre incidents in the albino population. See link on misconceptions:

  2. In Tanzania and other central and East African countries, Albinos are being murdered and there body parts being used for ritual practices. 21st century and madness like this is going on? Ignorance and superstition is as deadly as corruption and crime.

  3. They should stop persecuting albinos and fighting with each other about crap that doesn't matter and figure out how to develop the country better so they don't have to risk their lives traveling elsewhere for opportunities.

  4. Proud of Nigerians at least they don’t kill them for voodoo reasons like another African country. No name but it is cruel. Constantly their lives are in danger because of those stupid voodoo doctors who want parts of the albinos to become rich. Sickening.


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