The Success Story of Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Okojie

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  1. What I like about Mercy Johnson she is a godly woman, very humble, down to earth ,Happy go lucky ,very playful, not a show off,easy going, I observe she is with everybody, high class, low class, rich, poor any kind of class she is with them. Her acting is oh boy she can act give her a script and she'll make her part come to life.She has a laugh which is tantalizing her smile is wicked. She is beautiful from inside out, she is such a beautiful creature. I don't know her personally don't want anything from her just want her to continue doing her thing with Gods' blessings🙏🏻and keep, keep-on Roaring👊 my Dear love from all over💣💥💫 and continue to make us Happy, Sad, laugh cry and everything else with your Movies .💯

  2. I was pleasantly surprise by the movie :" Seven and a half dates"…
    I really enjoyed it. Beautiful and talented cast…Wow!!
    Thank you and Greetings from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

  3. I love her cause she is naturally beautiful and very much talented in that she can play any role.when it comes to romantic movies she is wow especially when acting with greater actors like Ramsey ,yul,Kenneth,van,Mike.she's my best actress


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