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  1. Is very true what that apostle is saying People will not go into ministry like that with out the call of God upon your life. I am a witness of that. Apostle don't worry about them they have to talked I believe strongly in the midst of their talking and abusing God will be God. I love to give examples of job in the bible about what he went through his closed friends and people God saw him through by given him strength. I want the reporter and people to read this verse they will know exactly what God can do in the book of job 16 verse5 says But I will strengthen you with my mouth and moving of my lips should asswage your grief. This is the word of God to encourage Job and to destroy is grief. I am not a Nigerian but I See the good work some men of God and women of God are doing down there it really amazing to the eye seen of men. Coming to the economy of the country it has nothing to do with the Apostle of God. The governments and the ministers of that country have to give account for that They have to work hard to see how they should work the economy curve. What about the minerals of that country it has to help to build the economy correctly for the poor people who are crying down There What about the marginal Utility is the additional satisfaction generate by the last unit of a goods that is consumed. how the people will feel about buying something recently you will feel good. My own thought is even The late Bishop Benson told all the ministers of God that all of them should go to school so that people can respected them and their ministries.I heard it long time in my country some. people said it I was not their. People have to know well how the law of demand will work.When P goes down the QD goes up which is the quantity demand will go up.Finally if people of that country knows how Nigerians are doing well making names of their country they will be the proud country they will not bring any men of Gid down to that country no matter what look at their women everybody is going to school making their trade.Which merchandise people are talking about what about their common stock for the country. Apostle don't worry you will be fine. God will be your strength day by day were their is a casting down there is a lifting for you and your ministry and all men and women of God that are experiencing that spirit of disgracing pulling down syndrome.

  2. More spiritual poetry than bible verses.

    Christ spoke the WORD and he uses parables

    But today’s men of God goes about with spiritual poetries and emotions to dumbfound their members.

    Be wise and seek God folks. Romans 10:2

  3. In the business world, a successful strategy becomes template for all businesses. Suleiman is s mart businessman, he did what the late Olusola Saraki many years ago. Seening that Lagos was full of too many powerful politicians, Saraki packed his bags and moved to Ilorin and became the Supremo there. His son Bukola is the Capo there now in all of Kwara state.
    Suleiman too saw that Lagos is pack with too many big Churches, to make impact will be an uphill task hence, he moved to Auchi. Luckly, the strategy has worked like magic for him. He is the Duke of all of Edo/Delta states now.
    America is interested in Nigeria, UK is in interested in Nigeria but are Nigerians interested in Nigeria? Why have we failed to build a giant country if we are truly the giant of Africa? With so many Churches/Mosques everywhere Nigerians are very devilish.


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