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  1. Stop making these videos disrespecting the man of God the pastors who chase money or probably not real men of God but but false prophet sent by Satan to confuse people so that you cannot come to the church because you're going to think that they're going to steal your money but that's not the case not all pastors of false. Anyway the person who made the video is not even a Christian so they're making fun of the churches to disrespect God for Jesus said not to mention his name in vain. the way you making fun of them you're talkin like what we're doing in the church doesn't need money yeah okay and I not saying everything requires money we're not supposed ask money all the time to the people but some stuff require money but if you don't want to give then the problem is with you you don't know how to give I'm not a pastor I'm just a servant of God but I know there's some things in the church that need money and God Usually puts on my heart to give money anyway that's not the subject I just want you to know that this video is against God it confuses people and that's one of the reason why pagans don't come to Jesus because they think all people in the church are gonna try to take their money and be rich over them.
    Jesus is real, to me it's not even a belief


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