Top 10 Moments that Made… Manchester United

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  1. Manchester United FOREVER. Manchester United is my favourite team, they r the best, Liverpool, Manchester City r good, but no, FC Barcelona r my 2nd favourite team. Man Utd r the best (like it or not).

  2. My favorite united moment is the 14 years I watched them. I love every single moment of it, I'm 19 but I have more club history to learn, it seems that united history is so vast and so great you can't help but be filled with joy with every new thing you discover. Best club in the world. #GGMU

  3. The Thing That Is Letting The Reds Down Now Though Is Wayne Rooney. Back In The Day He Was Good, But Now, He Just Doesn't Do No Skill. Each Time He Gets The Ball He Rather Gets Tackled, Or He Straight Passes The Ball, Even When He Has A Chance To Score! I Like Manchester United Even As A Middlesborough Fan, But Rooney, I Think His Time Is Up.


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