Top Actreses You Probably Never Knew Was Once Married

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  1. Thanks for the video I am really getting so hooked on Hollywood actresses and actors I love African movies and I’m not really familiar with too many of the actresses but I’m learning and I just love to see you black love because living in the United States no one tends to see that anymore so when I watch Nollywood movies Nigerian movies etc. it brings back the way it supposed to be so thank you very much you do great videos❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. This is my question! “Why did they marry those “OLD MEN”? They are old, they look old, they look like they are standing with their daughters!! Did they marry those women for money and benefits? My inquiring mind wants to know! Like old men marry children before their bodies have fully develop, I just wanted to know is that apart of your costum, tradition, culture? Those three words are in every Nigerian movies I have seen, in every one!


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