Transfer Talk | Cech to Arsenal?

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  1. I really want Dante out of Bayern. Boateng has to work 10x harder when Dante plays. I mean just watch Dante's first game against Wolfsburg. He is complete and utter crap.

  2. As a Liverpool fan I think we could milk 50,000,000£ and navas for this brat. Man city are stupid enough to do that and if there going to offer 30,000,000£ then Sterling is easily 50,000,000£. With that money we could get Lacazette or William caravalho

  3. Why is this always so heavily focussed on the BPL? There's much more than the english league. Its not even the highest rated league in the world. Bundesliga and La Liga are ahead of it yet we only get news about Barcelona and Real madrid..

  4. Lacazette would be so awesome at Arsenal!!!! But it still surprises me we aren't in for Thomas Müller!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT REALIZES HE IS EVERYTHING ARSENAL NEEDS!!!!!!!

  5. I'm a Liverpool fan and I honestly want Sterling to leave. He's got a terrible attitude towards the club and Brendan Rodgers. If the club look to step forward and start challenging again, we need to get rid of him and buy some experienced talent such as Vidal. We can't go and spend the money on more young players like Markovic. He'll be a good player in 2/3 years time, but liverpool need experience now.


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