Trent Alexander-Arnold is England's best RB + is Mane more vital than Salah?►European Power Rankings

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  1. U should do a power rankings for the entire season (either one in each league and one from European comps, or just the 10 best players this season or perhaps the 10 best players across Europe in each position)

  2. Mane only scored headers and Aubemyang had so much chances this season and he missed more then 3/4 of those opportunities Mo Salah was amazing this season for example his rocket vs Chelsea Bernardo Silva was also amazing this season

  3. #Q&A Quick Fire for Matt
    Rate transfers 1-10 with 10 being most likely

    1. Griezmann to Barcelona
    2. Hazard to Real Madrid
    3. Koulibaly to Man United
    4. Rodri to Man City
    5. Werner to Bayern
    6. Coutinho to return to Anfield

    Like so Matt can see

  4. Make a overall top 10 from power rankings per week
    Give someone 10 points if they are in 1
    9 if in 2 and so on
    The one with the highest point is the best player


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