UZUAZO – You Should Know This

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  1. omg he sounds soooo much like Jaden Smith. Especially his voice. I had to look twice at the artist name like damn. But ofc i mean 'the cool tape' Jaden smith. If you know what İ mean

  2. wow. this is really nice. I'm proud to be Nigerian. One of the things I like about this song is the fact that he just raps. No bullshit fillers or repetitive lyrics just straight up rapping almost the entire time.Good Job man. I wish you more success and I hope to see more of your shit around.

  3. LOL i wanted to see what would come up if i typed in random phrases so i treid "You should know this" and i really like this song definatly gonna listen to more of your stuff but this shit is fire af good bars nice speed and decent beat


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