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  1. Obaseki is a big disappointment for calling this ultramodern park. Central park my foot. Not even one amenities, the place is dusting, no toilets, no security, no water no nothing. Obaseki is a big joke. Why is he collecting money from the driver. They should riot, the place is a health hazed. politicians wicked o

  2. The 800 naira daily fees from drivers goes to the local government or the States????
    ,,,,,& Why can't they use the money to fix the place….Light,,,toilets etc???
    Na wah ooooooo!!!!

  3. Our mumu don do , long ago, abundant crude oil, Mr president is minister of petroleum yet we are buy petroleum products from USA, na big mumu to pay 800 naira everyday and dwell in a dusty environment , no light no toilet in a motor park , that central motor park is an epidemic source to Edo people, but l know obaseki is a performing governor he will do something great quickly

  4. The Government should have provided all the necessary amenities for a modern Park before relocating the driver's. Obaseki wakeup we are in the 21st century. We need a modern Park and not a jungle Park.

  5. We have lost it outside government the driver has union can't them organised temporary waste bin before the government will finish the park we all know obaseki is trying his best because his god father accumulates too much debt in Edo state

  6. Edo state I blame una voting thieves as governor eg lucky igbinedion looted and go oyegun same .oshiomole Adams is a thief corrupt old man now obaseki .the Agbero in edo state are the problem working for APC PDP evil politicians tony kabaka only rich him self not care about his children future when him dey die to better edo state
    Vote AAC vote sowore

  7. Hahaha 😂😂😂😂. Apc and pdp are u people super power godfather's. Imagine see the buses and the people to the environment haa!!!. People make una wake-up and fight those cheating ur feature. They are humans like you all.

  8. why can't Goverment fix this? are they supposed to complain, he should have done this before sending them there, put public toilet with money to use, with constant electricity it will strengthen the state economy.
    Corruption is too much in Nigeria that they can't work and clean up the Country.


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