VBOSUNU: Proposed Oba Eware Market in Ikpoba-Okha

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  1. These women should be patient, the Oba has promised to build a befitting market for the community. don't they like good thing? Before this time they were somewhere, let them allow the great Oba of Benin carry out his promise. Oba gha tor Kpere..ise…

  2. The character of this market women, is the season why Nigeria is not moving on today, they cannot protest against the their Government, We thank the OBA OF BENIN, for his good work, this supposed to be the work of Government to Build standards market's , schools, health center, police station, public toliet, New town planning in villages, good Road, and control wast bin, control Erosion to every Near by River. Please join me to Advice our the ruling politicians, to stop miss behaving with power, ONE Day They will live this position, and rest to dust.

  3. Don't just mind aΔΊl these our mothers and sisters, how can you all managed it like that? no toilets yet, no structure yet, no organisations yet, in fact I tire for all this women's ooo. Pls the contractors in charge of this contract should display 3d photo of what the structure should look like so that this women will understand is not a joke thing.

  4. is not their fault they are just too excited , such thin has never happened before . God bles our king . but make una wait oba wan build the market make e for make sense . our king market is going to be the best

  5. Why some market women love sufferness nd poverty, our great oba has promised to build d market properly and some local women with low mentality are against it to live it inbuilt. Please my country people make una wise up abeg.


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