Watch Atiku's Speech Congratulating Gen. Mohammadu Buhari as APC Presidential Candidate

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  1. That's an old video!! Sahara reporters love shaming people. Why dont you guys see the present corruption and talk more about it!! The peoples mandate was stolen by a man who claims to be fighting corruption, is it so sad!

  2.  Nigeria,as a country from our Political,Economical,classification we should have asked ourselves.In past we've records more brains are needed but we don't know how to rehabilitate by  tranfroming this old societies to a generation computer systems.We must understand things dealing with chart &satistics must be correctly analylise through data system.imagine the voting system.If we 're ask,upon which bases, our govt can depend on other global countrie political or economically.

  3. Birds of the same feather. From a corrupt and morally rotten custom officer to a woefully failed vice president. Only interested in himself and his bank account. He has messed up his politics so much that he can't go back to the PDP again. If not, he would have jumped again since his ill gotten wealth couldn't buy him the ticket in the APC. Nigeria needs a revolution. Maybe one is on its way in 2015. There's got to be a time when Nigerians rise up and say to these Renegades in APC and the PDP that we don't want them anymore. We watched Atiku and his fellow revellers in this video, the next one will be Tony Anenih and his PDP friends in the gravy train that's Nigeria's government. Sixteen years since the new era started, The same set of old thieves, ever so inept, have continued to recycle themselves and shares the spoils as they wished. Is Buhari the dictator, the merciless coupist, (smashing and killing everything on his path to military dictatorship), the Islamist and Boko Haram sympathizer, the tribalist and a weak old man of 73 now the solution to Nigeria's problems?. The same Buhari that started the military era of bastardisation of Nigeria. I'm sure he and Tinubu weren't friends then, because he was hiding in exile for most of that era of merciless military oppression. How morally bankrupt is everyone of this so called politician? folks, only a revolution can stop these people from raping Nigeria to death. We have to let them know that the PDP is one of the worst things that have happened to Nigeria and the APC which is effectively a collection of disgruntled collaborators pushed off the gravy train is (NOT) and will (NEVER) be the solution to the problems that they created and continue to exacerbate. From Tinubu to Anenih, Jonathan to Buhari, Oyegun to Muazu, and all their shameless, morally depraved, untrustworthy, deceitful, unscrupulous, unprincipled, discredited and disreputable colleagues,  Please! Please!! Please!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!.

  4. Ex-Coupist Buhari's inability to name a running mate shows the kind of monumental confusion rocking that cocktail of contradictions called A-fee-C.
    Don Tinubu's religious brand of politics in the SW has backfired BIG TIME! The chairman position of the party ws zoned to the SS. This rules out potential VP materials like Adams Oshiomhole. The SW/SE are the only other options. A wise APC would get a credible Igbo candidate as this will spark some interest in the good people of the SE who veiw APC as a deadly expired drug!(ask Ngige). However, it is likely the APC 'strongmen' will want a SW candidate. Those in the SW who have the resources to galvanize support most are the serving governors. Problem is, don Tinubu's religious brand of politics ensured all Muslim governors in the SW.(Fayemi is out of the equation). This is the dilemma Buhari and the APC face! Indeed Buhari ws well aware of this problem which might be the reason he tried to play down the possibility of a Muslim ticket.
    Anyone who says religion is not a major factor in Naija presently must be living in LaLa-Land! Infact, the APC conundrum is so bad even an old aunt of mine said; " Abi Buhari go run alone"????
    Hmm..wahala dey ooo!

  5. Fucking rogues! And the gullible idiots are chanting. Fucking brain dead idiots., they have definitely succeeded in keeping their bodies and destroying their minds.

  6. that's a lesson to be learnt by all bribers in APC and in PDP, delegates and common people, please chop there money and vote/do the right thing with your common sense and conscience and faith in the person who will actually fit the position.


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