Watch UNILAG Students Debate How 2015 Election Will "Make" Or "Mar" Nigeria

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  1. “If a political system honours and rewards outstanding teachers, professors, inventors and literary giants consistently, a message goes forth that ideas matter. It becomes ‘cool’ to channel energy in such endeavours because they are respected and rewarded.”

    ——— Kingsley Moghalu.

    “We must reform our educational system to prioritize the importance of values by inculcating the ethics of what is right and wrong and the consequences of choices between such distinctions for the individual and the society.”

    ——— Kingsley Moghalu.

  2. Some please one kick this muslim boko haram girl back to the north of Nigeria…..a christian female without a head covering will not be allowed to speak like that in any northern school 

  3. This is not secondary school, I think in the tertiary level this is not actually the best form of debate….Faculty of Social Sciences should improve, Secondly, Nigeria is not a Historical Accident, if U don't like Nigeria relocate to Niger, or Sudan or Egypt, or America, or Syria….Freedom of Speech is not freedom of insult…

  4. The second n third person spoke well but sounded like they are struggling to give out their point. The first person meanwhile covered so many aspects that are true n factual but she sounded more like she crammed her points and reminded me of my secondary school debates. I think the 3 contestants are a typical example of our Nigerian products now. I can't confidently agree it is encouraging. Bottom line we need change in power and we need it now not in 2015


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