What happened when President Macron visited the Shrine in Nigeria

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  1. This is quite frustrating for anyone who admires Fela. This is quite enfuriating for a lot of people who know a bit of history. This is quite enfuriating for many in that area and you can see the people speaking out furiously against it. We're talking about a country that historically exploited and still exploits Africa and Africans, treating them as colonies. Now I'd like very much to hear Femi Kuti's reasons for doing this. Is there a good reason? I'd like to think of one, but I can't find it. Even if it's simply business, he should but at least show integrity in assuming it. Until then, Femi, you've lost a listener.

  2. this is so ironic. A neoliberal globalist comes to the african shrine and the nigerians celebrate him. The african shrine of FELA you know the one who sang international thief thief, I no be gentleman, teacher dont teach me nonesense. Its sad and funny, they are like children.

  3. Ahahah i am french and i can say that nobody dey loves him here for a good reason : He take to poor ppl to give to riches. In his mind, poor ppl are responsible for their situation. Becareful he want to look good but he is a dangerous man. He is friend with the ones who steal Africa.

  4. For those running their mouths about the French being colonial slave masters and Nigeria rejoicing with the French President…France is no longer colonizing any of the African nations. Rather than abusing France, ask yourselves, what have your leaders done for their people since independence? African leaders have treated their people worse than the colonizers themselves. Is that France's fault? It seems to me that African leaders deserve more blame. Obviously, there is a lot of displaced anger on this post by ignorantly partial people. I'm not saying France and other colonizers are saints, but who do you think they connive with for your continued misery? None other than your very own leaders. Stop blaming the colonizers without blaming your leaders who often sell you out. They are in bed together. You can't blame a disloyal cheating husband for having an affair without blaming his immoral mistress that knew he was married! They are both worthy of scorn! As for Nigerians welcoming the French president, there is nothing wrong with that. He is visiting and asked to go to the Shrine because it is associated with a legendary Nigerian (Fela Kuti) who was a human rights advocate that made great music. The fact that he wanted to go shows the impact of Fela's music worldwide because Fela condemned the West constantly when he was alive. Nigerians are not xenophobic and we are taught very young to welcome visitors when they arrive regardless of the past by being accommodating and civil, especially among the Yoruba tribe.

  5. Did you white ppl recognize the sovereignty of Africans when you were loading them up like cattle? Did you ever leave Africa since half of the continent is held in bondage through slave currency? Then God bless you sir.

  6. Embarrassing! No western country would do this for our leaders or our people in thier own country.Africans are so brainwashed.I can't wait for new set of leaders,like Moghalu or Sowere to come through and change school curriculum..No one is saying hate white people.. Just know your damn history and the hell your own kind are going through worldwide.Your history didn't start from Independence as u were told.

  7. this clearly shows we are never free from the white our own leaders enslaving us still working for THEIR masters , no hatred on the whites but like it or not black man is the must dangerous racist on earth he can kill and starve millions of his fellow bro because of a white skin man, its high time we the youth keep football and other nonsense aside blame our own self the send a clearly message to this old leaders if not the will never stop sucking breast of corruption

  8. Some Africans really love their white master.
    This asshole Macron is hated by most french people and African french speaking countries he refuses to let go of the FCFA currency while pretending Africans want it when there have been many protests this year alone

  9. I feel them on this, im not a native nigerian but why cant they take the needs of the community and make better for all. We can be stronger if we create more jobs, truthful government, economical growth, waste programs to clean up all the plastics and waste so ppl can live with out looking at it, easy health benefits and of course basic living housing structures for those who want and need it.


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