Which is worse — mouth odour or body odour??

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  1. Mouth odour and body odour is not only about not having good hgiene. It can be caused by different things such as: cavities, gum disease, tonsil stones, sinus infection, digestive problems like acid reflux, heartburn, gastro esopaghal reflux disease (Gerd), gluten intolerance, lactose in tolerance, constipation, candida, h.pylori, kindney disease, celiac diseases, indigestion, and also what you eat such as: red meat, canned foods, processed foods, fried foods, cheese, eggs, butter peanut butter, beans, Wheat products, onions garlic, spicy foods, curry, sodas, alcohol, cakes, oily foods etc..

  2. There is nothing Mackish, about bad breath or body odor. What women wants to be close to a man that smells? If you can afford it see the Dentist often.

  3. ~ ~
    –0–0 People with mouth or body odours are advice to eat more fruits and veg….and avoid food like beans eggs etc
    J Eat lots of orange…because some people with odour dont poop enough…and the body make use of thier poop
    ~ inside thier bowels to nurish thier body. That is why some people mouth and body smell like someone who mess.
    For those people who always smell sweat…maybe thier kidney is not doing a good job…so the hampit is helping
    the kigney get rid of toxin from the body…..Make sure you use deodorant…and not anti perspirant….
    anti perspirant can stop your hampit from helping your kidney….and thereby resulting in kidney damage…

  4. body odour is a cause its internal its sometime from birth that means its some how generation issue a kind inherited stuff it can be cure or control by naturenal by using some kind of leaf just like harb mouth odour is a sickness its in two form there is an odour that come out from mouth but its cos of intestinal problems when some one have stomach problem when he/she talk his or her mouth will be smelling like shit that is when his or her digesting system is not normal the other mouth odour is easy to cure cos it just from the teeth when some body did not brush his or her teeth very well and tonge it smell too u know some people have pot ashe in their teeth cos they are not brushing their teeth properly ,body odour also come after birth cos some mother didn't use a kind of soap to bath the child so whe she or glow up they will have body odour

  5. Body odour is far more bearable than mouth odour. It's quite normal to have sometimes to have body odor when you sweat for example. The odour coming from the mouth is too hard to bear, it makes you suffocate !!!

  6. Some people don't even know they smell wtf? It sucks me body odor deodorant body spray can help the person.
    but mouth odor is deadly mehn toothpaste can't cure the odor , some people will even want to talk to you forever.

  7. I'm loving the humor and honesty of the girl at (3:45). For me, body odor is slightly more tolerable than mouth odor. All of them are saying that they would give the person gum, peppermint or "Tom Tom"(whatever that is) that is like mixing POO POO AND MINT together. Sometimes that combination is WORSE than the original odor!


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