Who is Actually the Queen of Nollywood

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  1. I go for Liz Benson seconded by Joyce kalu, third vote goes to ngozi ezeonu mama ebere is very good in movies of sorrows and mama ozorkwo is good in trouble making movies like a troublesome mother or rather mother in-law

  2. Uche Ebere,Ngozi OzoneuJoyce Kalu,Chinyere Winfred,Maureen Iywa,Ebere Okalo,Liz Benson,they are very perfect in that part bt Patience Okwongo best in weaked ones and Rita good at the Crying ones that's my observations otherwise I love them all they always make me feel relaxed in my mind while watching all of them they teach alot on real life if you are of the same mind like me please be liking as we move to the next vedio

  3. Yes, Indeed I knew (Ngozi Ezeonu) would be number #1, she is the best & I act many, many movie scenes & clips from her & Many people love my Acting and say I should be a Actress mysef & I hope to meet (Ngozi Ezeonu) one day. She is my most favorite Actress in Nollywood movies. (United States of America).💖💖


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