Who's at fault in the film – Acrimony ??

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  1. The women that watch this movie completely ignores the facts and focus on the fact that he decide to marry someone who he once cheated with before they got married and the fact that women never want a man that has a dream or wants to support him but if he makes it big they want to come in and take half. If you divorce some and tell them you never want to be with them again don't turn around and say he didn't fight hard enough for you he gave you what you asked for and if you divorce some you can't tell them who to date marriage is just a way for a woman to trap you as they age to force you to stay or pay until they are ready to leave

  2. She left him and told him twice she didn't want him back and Diana did help get him the offer Robert told Melinda he loved her and didn't want to leave she ignores him so she only wanted him back when he got the money and the battery was a success he would have gave all that if she had stayed that was his dream to be married and have the condo for Mrs Gayle but the real Mrs Gayle left him and opted out of the relationship if he never got the money she would have never wanted him back and she slept with her ex boyfriend and basically stalked Robert by taking his address of the check and she also listen to her dumb sister who was getting cheated on

  3. All d fault was from they woman not they man
    If only the woman could b patience n believe in him
    If only she could not allow her siblings to talk on her personal marriage matter she would ave been the one to enjoy at the end yes she tired when he had nothing

  4. I don’t get how movin on 3 months later is too fast? If it was 3 days I can understand…3 weeks? Maybe/maybe not…but 3 months? Hell nah
    If she wouldn’t have interrupted him sayin “we are not gettin back together” he would tell her it hit n gave her the life he promised but since she did that, she got mad af n turned up on her sisters, their husbands and the nigga she fucked during the divorce.
    Robert was at fault for not tellin her he was a ex convict and made her pay his shit but she can’t expect him to still beg after he moved on from stayin in homeless shelter and workin in a restaurant to bein a millionaire even when she said she was done, he said and meant that he still loved her n paid her back for all she did for him

  5. Y'all really out here defending this dude being lazy for years, stressing out his woman, and using her to get what he wanted. So we're just going to overlook him using up her mom's money, ruining their business, and him blaming her for his short comings.

  6. I think Melinda's sisters and their husbands are at fault because:
    1. Melinda's sisters made a false assumption of one thing happening again.
    2. Melinda's sisters and husbands convinced Robert to work with them too soon.
    3. Melinda's sisters kept getting in her head. Especially Brenda.

    Parts of it was on Robert because:
    1. He shouldn't have asked Diana for coffee when he ran into her.
    2. He should have told Melinda he was an ex convict WAY before they even went out.
    3. Even though he had a great heart, the fact of him cheating during college years was what sparked the whole conflict.
    4.On the real, he should have asked Melinda's sisters and their husbands to have him work with them LONG before THEY convinced him to do so. That battery should have been done on the side. Plus, he should have been patient.

    And finally, it was on Melinda because:
    1. She should have avoided the relationship.
    2. She should not have told Robert about the money her mother left her.
    3. To avoid suffering through those 18 years of working hard and holding Robert down while he was working on that battery he had a hard time getting to work, maybe Melinda should have listened to her sisters when they told her not to marry him. She should have just cut Robert off after catching him in the act. She probably felt sorry for him when he lived in a trailer.
    4. She had to "fall for the con"
    5. She DIVORCED Robert too soon. Suddenly his dream came true, and she was given some money. But then she got jealous because of Diana marrying Robert, and having a lot of money. Melinda should have just moved the hell on with her life instead of going on social media harrasing them.

  7. To me it's the guy who's at fault 'cuz he was lazy to do anything especially for her. And if you look closely, you would find out that Lyriq in the movie was just using Taraji. Cuz he didn't even wait for a while after the divorce before marrying Crystle. Ain't saying she did good to divorce him but really she was fed up with his laziness. She was fed up on how she works and spends for him and at the end of the day it was burning the electrical appliances she gets as a thank you which made her spend more money . And besides who he ended up wanting to marry was still the lady she him caught sleeping with when they were younger. So that was enough reason for her to think he's being cheating on her for so long after all her sufferings on how to make him a man and responsible. So any woman can go crazy and mentally unstable and do things they never wished to do. Well in the movie, it told us that he wasn't cheating but to her all those acts made her think he's cheating on her. Now take for example, he wouldn't have been responsible if not she divorced him and it looked like he was working because of the other lady (Crystle Stewarts). (Although Taraji thought he was working to get her back). But why couldn't he try to find reasonable jobs when he was still married to Taraji. And all what he promised he would do for her, he ended up fulfilling all of them for the other lady with out fulfilling it for her. He even paid her all the good things he did for him after their divorce with a flower which looks like he was trying to pass a message to her not to disturb him with his new marriage. She got mentally unstable and with rage she did what she never loved to do. Infact she never gave birth because her womb got damaged by his foolishness which made her hate him and showed him all her "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ". So to me, I think Tyler Perry was trying to pass a message to everyone that early marriage is nothing to worth it at all especially when the man is financially unstable. And also a man isn't meant to be lazy and make the woman to be the bread winner of the family instead of him. And also we should learn how to control our angers not our angers controlling us.

  8. Almost all the men are talking about paying her off
    (We men are trash sometimes) Paying off a woman who has taken care of you since you were young (With no Job)
    till you grew up is like (Paying off your mother)
    Viewing & Listening to the comments of most men like me I realized most of we the MEN talk with Knowledge and not with WISDOM

    There`s Only One TRUTH in this situation it`s simple :

    All Because we (MEN) can manipulate and convince them (WOMEN) does not mean they should always take the blame

  9. Are we even having this conversation? What the lunatic does is always the lunatic's fault, no exceptions. This is purely a female phenomenon were there's always some excuse for lunacy. He tore that heifer off $10 million, when legally he didn't even have to. Plus, he bought her house back and returned it to her. He was willing to give her even more money if she asked for something reasonable. She should've asked for another $20 million, which he most likely would've given it to her. Then she should've just kept on stepping.

    The only fault he had was not hiring a heavily armed security team the moment her own family told he needed to do so. Anytime a bunch of people who mostly can't stand you call you up to warn you about a family member, it's time to listen and take seriously what they're saying. Only other thing I would say is he should've gunned that boat when she fell in the water and had her circle around in the lifeboat; the heifer would've never been able to get back onboard.

  10. The woman, Melinda, was at fault. By the way, was the woman in the blue who was interviewed the Nigerian version of Melinda? She seems kind of bitter like she was wronged herself!!

    Melinda's ex husband gave her TEN MILLION DOLLARS and paid for her mother's house. How can he be in the wrong? He could have made the deal, got his money and not gave her shot.

    See the wahala a good man goes through??

  11. shut the fuck up if there is anybody to blame is the useless family. the bitch man I swear bro she is next level crazy forget. on God these bitches are saying that the man ditched the woman can we all say that the woman divorced him and he still gave her money too $10,000,000(N3.6 B) holy shit.

  12. imho it was her fault:
    -she didnt hav to go outta control wen u busted him cheating
    – she didn’t hav to take him back after he cheated
    – she didnt have to spend her money on him
    – she didnt hav to sit around seething in resentment
    – she def should hav never listen to her sisters!!

  13. Life in general is unfair. It's messed up that she got angry and lost her womb. It's messed up that he wasn't the mwn he promised to be when they got married. It sucks that she got the short end of the stick cause she wasn't patient enough to let things manifest. Yeah it's messed up that her married that other woman. But the ex wife is just mental. So choices are at fault, they all made choices that led to the shooting and death. Stop showing your life on social media that how that woman got them

  14. The real fault comes from the lady sister's she was not giving a good guardiance from the beginning… because they new the anger in could lead her to comit after the first incident a losting her womb but it's a great lesson for both man and woman in early relationship never to be to stupid in love and always be patient

  15. The film itself is at fault. It was a terrible movie. HahHaa. But really it was both. The guy was only following his dreams and the woman was by his side but unfortunately she left right when the seeds he had sewn were about to blossom. Chai. I’m not going to lie, I would be upset too but she was overly dramatic.

  16. taraji was at fault she put up with him for so long the one moment things changed was when she listened to ha sisters so she left him and even got someone else and he did pay her off but greed had her all over



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