Why do women date married men?

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  1. Do not date married men because that is the same as commiting adultery. Many women loose their lives because of the love of money. Prostitutes are killed all the time because of love of money, it doesn't matter if you are poor and can't support yourself cause prostitution is most likely going to get you killed. If you date married men cause of their money that man can dispose of you if he doesn't want his wife to find out. Love of money is the death of many women, get wiser in 2020.

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  3. Nigerians are fucking hypocrites. People need to fuck period. Married men fucks single girls and Marie's women fucks young boys. So what the fuck. We all need need to fuck. It's human nature so why try to identify it with the devil.

  4. Its just wrong to date a married person! One day they will go through it when they get married and fell in love hard body they will know how it feels yes karma is a bitch! Humans these day until one day they caught a disease and then they realize its too late! Money is route of all evil

  5. The truth is that,young single guy's tell so much lies only for their victims young girls to later discover. When they get severally deceived, they are always left with no option than to go for married men which they know that its just a game. Sometimes, they end up marrieing this men, either by natural disaster to their wife's or unforeseen circumstances.

  6. this is what females want; what they crave; what gets their pussies wet! They LOVE drama; excitement; adventure! They want what they can’t have and females play games with men; they’re jealous of other females; females love a man who other females want to fuck – I use their hypergamy against them!

    Married females cheat on their husbands ALL THE TIME!⬅️FACTS

    I’m single. However I made a cheap “wedding” ring from an old pipe in my cellar. I now lay more pipe than I ever did when I was ..“single” 🤘🏾😎🤘🏾

  7. A responsible man is a responsible man. it doesn't matter if u're lacking anything at home whether sexual satisfaction or comfort or whatever, it can never and should never be an excuse to cheat, because before you got married to your partner, you knew you were signing a lifetime agreement which means "till death do you part" you are "stuck" with that person for life except in cases where the person cheats on you "and you cannot forgive", then you can get a divorce which gives you back the right to enter a new relationship if you wish too. In a marriage, things are being worked out, you can't just look for someone outside your marraige ( that is someone aside your spouse) just because you feel your spouse is not giving you somethings you want or need. we need to understand that our spouses are human, they are not perfect, they are not all-knowing, and they are not unchangeable either, what is lacking in your marriage can be put in place/ added, the problems can be solved, the changes and adjustments made. it is up to us to make our marriages what we want it to be, we cannot just look outside our marriages and expect that what's inside our marriages will change. it's necessary we understand that we are the potters(someone that moulds) of our marriages, whether it lasts depends on our choices, our attitude and our decision.

  8. the idiot saying married men are responsible, himself is a fool and needs sense.. a married man turns irresponsible the moment he cheats on his wife.. be it a single lady or a married woman… no proper comprehension in some brains..

  9. God bless me with a man who has the FEAR OF GOD A MAN WHO WILL LOVE ME AND ATEND TO ME AND WE WILL MOVE WITH THE SPIRIT OF Divine God in Jesus Name Amen 🙏 ✝️👼


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