Why we arrest Sowore – SSS

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  1. This man is lying
    Miyetti-Allah jihadists that have overtaken Boko Haram in killings are being pampered by Buhari the terrorist sympathizer, when will Buhari arrest the leader of Miyetti-Allah?

  2. "….Unknown to many, Sowore is rich and comfortable. His children neither live nor school here. If I had a twelfth of the opportunity Sowore has, I would have forgotten the location of Nigeria on the world map. I am writing this as clear as I can with a heavy heart. Nigerians who are most hit by poverty and hunger have shown the most love to those inflicting those indignities on them…" ~ Olaguro.


  3. You are so foolish oga in democratic regime revolution isn't a cause to panic, it's about if the majority agrees, only one man fear catch una I wish all Nigerians can rise up let me see if you can arrest the whole nation,


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