WTF FIFA 19 Ratings!!! The most OVERRATED and UNDERRATED players this year

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  1. Mbappe underrated are you shittin me? if hes anything at all hes overrated as f*** tell me 1 thing that makes him exeptional and better than anyone else hes fast yeah but speed alone wont win you games the dude only profits from beeing arround real legends that prepare everything for him his personal skill is not even close to the likes of ibrahimovic bale aguero…..

  2. I understand that mbappe is good but he is 19 years old and u think 87 is a low rating, are you high

    Also yes i know he did well in the world cup but he scored against a shite Argentina defence and an injured goalkeeper in the final. Not to mention the league goals he scored aren't impressive because you can't prove his quality in ligue one cuz it's so one sided

    I'd say mbappe should be 84-85

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