Zidane to leave Real Madrid again! ► Daily News

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  1. You think its messi bcoz he scored more goal plus assist if van dizk was forward player he could hv done the same people alws talk abt player scoring really if a team wins a match all the credit goes to the goal scorer bt never talk abt the defender how they hv defnded this award is shit.

  2. Signing so many players and still think that rm arent up to la liga
    They are not going to galacticos era but are ending like up psg
    And i thought zidane was good manager in march😂😂

  3. "His team is not good enough to win a La Liga title". Jesus Christ! He should use his excellent football tactics that won him those Champions League titles to win a La Liga title. Or were those won due to the fact that he had a top notch team. C'mon now. smfh. lol


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